Captive Solar Power Plants

A captive solar power plant refers to a solar power plant that has been implemented by a company for its own consumption. This means, the power generated by the solar power plant is consumed entirely by the developing company itself.

Huge consumers It’s really not mandatory to have a solar power plant on their rooftop, since most of the Commercial and industries do not have enough space to generate the power they use from the grid from their rooftop. Consumers can actually install a solar power plant outside their premises, anywhere in their state and still consume all the power generated from for captive use.

Past few years most of the Solar Power plant installed was to generate power and sell to the government at a fixed cost, but now the companies invest for their own captive power consumption and they save a huge amount of money on their bills.

The Levelized cost of Energy ( LCOE ) will vary from 2.52 to 2.83 per unit which is contact and does not vary for the next 25years when compared to the utility grid of Rs 8 per unit and will surely raise higher in the coming years.  LCOE is a term which describes the cost of the power produced by solar over a period of time, typically the warranted life of the system. Which is basically calculated on the plant installed power generated in its lifetime and the cost involved. Thus makes Solar Power one of the cheapest source of electricity generated on a captive mode in India which has a huge irradiance of 5.08 kWh/m2/day in Chennai

Compare and See the feasibility.

The basic steps involved in installing a captive power plant is just a comparison between Cost per unit from the utility grid and cost of unit from the solar in its lifetime. Call us for a Comparison chart Guidelines