The Services

We provide complete turnkey services include concept to commissioning of Solar Power project right from designing and engineering till filing application with State Nodal agency for approval

Solar Power Plant Consultancy / Feasibility

IVR energy solar power plant EPC consulting sector in collaboration with international companies and investors provides consulting services in setting up Mega Watt grid connected solar power plants from Initiating green energy to implementation of installation to govt liasioning commissioning to maintenance

IVR Energy provides Feasibility Study and provides right solution with our expertise team who can evaluate and give a solid study support. In the following section

• Economic and Technical Feasibility Study solution
• Detailed Project Report with A-Z details
• Engineering Design & Procurement Support
• Entire Project Management.

Solar EPC Services

We undertake solar EPC from Financial planning, Land Procurement, Solar Farm Engineering and Designing, Material Procurement, Commissioning and Government liasoning and Operation and Maintenance.

The key factor involved in a EPC services which has a great impact on:

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Quality.

Performance guarantees.

Its essential that the power station performs as required in terms of output, efficiency and reliability.  IVR energy provides performance guarantee for the units generated in a year

1. Approval process

  • Screening of document and checking eligibility criteria
  • Furnishing details and finalizing draft application for State Nodal Agency and further approval
  • Follow up with Nodal agency and other department for all sanctions.
  • Request for land conversion under developer name.
  • Assistance in signing of PPA with State Electricity board
  • Applying for power evacuation with State Utility
  • Assistance with  approaching financing Institutions for project finance

2. IVR energy Solar EPC installation process

  • Complete Plant Layout
  • Water Distribution pipeline
  • Road Layout
  • Plant levelling
  • Cable Trench
  • Inverter & Transformer installation, testing and commissioning.
  • Earthing, Lightening protection, surge protection etc.
  • Solar Farm Compound wall
  • Solar Farm Entry Gate
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Control Room Sections & Elevations
  • Mounting Structure designing Drawing and installation
  • Main Control Room & Plant Switchyard
  • Earthing Pit Design and implementation
  • Lightning Arrestor Foundation and installation
  • Street Lighting
  • Design and install Transmission Tower
  • Transmission line to the grid
  • SLD for AC and DC system
  • Module Technical detail
  • Inverter Technical detail
  • Main AC Distribution Board SLD
  • HT & LT Cable Sizing Calculations and cable schedule
  • Transmission Line and Bus Bar Conductor.
  • Government liasoning and approvals
  • Agreement to supply of Solar Power to the power station.

3. IVR Energy scope of Supply

  • Solar Photovoltaic Modules
  • Module Mounting Structure
  • Junction Boxes
  • Inverters
  • SCADA System
  • L.T.Panel & H.T.Panel
  • Transformer & Switchyard
  • Lightning Protection
  • Earthing System
  • Cables-DC & AC
  • Control Desk
  • Array Junction Box
  • Main Junction Box

Please refer below to see Government Of India instructions to Public Sector Unit Banks & Private Banks on financing.


Solar Financing

IVR energy Helps industries and major power consumers to avail private finance or Bank fiancé to setup a power generating unit.

To maximize the benefits of solar energy must be matched with most favourable financing and incentives options. Our strong financial relationships and deep knowledge on incentives allow us to ensure that each client receives maximum return from solar energy.

Government of India to encouraging and to promote the use of solar energy, public sector banks & private banks have been given instruction by Ministry of Finance to offer loan at reasonable rate of interest. Easy financing options are available with the following banks